Dating sargent planes

Sargent planes identification and value guide [david e heckel] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers. Dating sargent planes september 11, 2018 i recently met a soldier on line at a dating website about 60 days ago, he asked me to add him to my yahoo im n gave me his email address thats how we been talking, weve basically talked everday since. Getting started i've converted some of the plane dating information found in patrick leach's plane type study into an easy-to-use hypertext flowchart hopefully by answering a few questions about your plane you can determine which type it is.

Comparison between early 1900s sargent planes, a#422, #418, plus a later 418vbm see more dating sargent and dunlap bench planes - 400 series find this pin and more on sargent planes by daniel korbel vintage tool information dating sargent bench planes - 400 series see more. I agree with john about sargent planes even their low-end hercules plane is decent enough, and the other lines are excellent can't think of the numbers just now ( i use and accumulate, but don't take a collector's interest), but i have the sargent equivalents of stanley 3, 4, 5, and 7, and am very satisfied with all. Examples include rabbet planes, plow planes, shoulder planes, tongue & groove planes, router planes, etc moulding planes a moulding plane (or “molding” plane) is a wood plane that is used for cutting decorative profiles on a board. On stanley combination planes some actual advice on how to use them here original patents, boxes, and a gallery of examples are also all viewable on stan faullin's site.

Dating sargent dating sargent bench planes – 400 series type 3 next post dating sargent bench planes - 400 series type 4 previous post dating sargent bench planes - 400 series type 2 about the author don i've been finding, restoring and collecting hand planes for over 10 years it started with a few and just grew. Timetestedtools, the tool collectors forum for discussions on collecting & restoring vintage hand tools back to the timetestedtools website check out the timetested tools carving blog too. Craftsman hand planes were made by a few different companies over the years (millers falls, sargent, etc) i have little experience with craftsman hand planes since i avoid buying them this is not to say that they won't make fine user planes, because they will.

Planes in this series were available in sizes through , wherein the last two digits correspond to the length of the plane, similar to millers falls , and included a corrugation option video about dating sargent planes. The big three's stanley, sargent, millers falls, and to some extent the british record, all produced various quality lines of planes but all their better ones share similar characteristics, were it mattered the most:the frog. Fred, one of the first planes (other than a block plane) that i bought was a sargent-built 18 fore plane, branded as a craftsman i feel that the handle, casting, and frog are very solid - just like my millers falls planes, but the adjuster has a lot of slack.

The above planes and tools are an example of the caliber, condition and quality of antique tools that i am primarily interested in helping you sell. While im on the subject of hand planes, is there any discernible difference between old stanley and old sargent hand planes i have a few (2,3,4,6) sargent hand planes, look identical to those stanley ones that sell for 500+$ on ebay. Let me now introduced you to the sargent tools, manufactured between 1887 and 1964 a good reference for sargent planes and sargent planes by the numbers another good reference for collectors is the book by david heckel.

A sargent (sold as a craftsman) that i was cleaning to give as a present find this pin and more on hand planes by donald woolley a sargent no408 (sold as a craftsman) that i was cleaning to give as a present until i found a large chip in the mouth. Find great deals on ebay for sargent plane in woodworking planes shop with confidence. Stanley vs sargent - hand tools - wood talk online woodtalkonlinecom while im on the subject of hand planes, is there any discernible difference between old stanley and old sargent hand planes i have a few (2,3,4,6) sargent hand planes, look identical to those stanley ones that sell for 500+$ on ebay. Sargent planes by number below is a list of all the known sargent planes & spokeshaves by their product number, along with the appropriate links to their individual pages sargent no 7 smooth plane.

  • Craftsman planes - just like the stanley's - most likely will be just fine for users as i understand it, the older craftman's were made by stanley or sargent or some other reputable company quality probably not as good with newer craftsman's (and stanley's for that matter.
  • That craftsman plane is about equal to a stanley #4 i haven't bought a stanley #5 in a while but $45 seems high to me the #5 planes are pretty common.

Block plane dating block planes from the author’s collection a great deal of research has been dedicated to dating stanley’s bench planes over the years, with type studies established for the bailey and bedrock lines, as well as many of the most popular specialty planes. Qualcast also download my vintage hand plane dating planes: what started out as enjoyable or hand planes, sargent made plane i find this the type bailey bench hand tools available in ice in the same mr posts in excellent website within both blocks are some of your stanley planes model or hand plane very little used stanley planes 80. I've assembled a couple of resource pages related to stanley bench planes please let me know of other handtool resources that could be converted to hypertext.

Dating sargent planes
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